Our Practice Areas: Personal Injury

Our Practice Areas: Personal Injury

Personal injury cases are complex. That's why you need a lawyer that will advocate on your behalf, with the experience and knowledge to handle your specific case. Choose an attorney that will negotiate tooth and nail with insurance companies to get you the compensation you deserve.

Our Practice Areas: Medical Malpractice

Doctors are trusted with the lives of ourselves and our loved ones. It's hard to ever consider that a hospital or individual doctor could've made a grave mistake or committed professional negligence, and it's even harder to get the justice you deserve once you've made the decision to pursue a case. That's why Cearley Law Firm is here to help.  

Article: "Long-Awaited Rule To Curb Wall Street's Use of Forced Arbitration Released"

In forced arbitration, a company requires a consumer or employee to submit any dispute that may arise to binding arbitration as a condition of employment or buying a product or service. The employee or consumer is required to waive their right to sue, to participate in a class action lawsuit, or to appeal. Forced arbitration is mandatory, the arbitrator’s decision is binding, and the results are not public.


Article sourced from: https://www.justice.org/news/long-awaited-rule-curb-wall-street’s-use-forced-arbitration-released