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Look Twice: Motorcycles Are Everywhere

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According to the latest statistics from the Arkansas State Police, there is a fatal motorcycle accident in Arkansas almost every week. To combat this tragic trend, our firm has launched a statewide campaign to increase the motoring public’s awareness of motorcycles on Arkansas roadways.

Every other week throughout August and September, we’ll be sharing blogs filled with safety tips, important statistics and road rules you need to know to better prepare yourself to share the road, whether you are a rider or a driver!

We’ve also obtained a supply of bumper stickers like the one pictured below that we are distributing for free:

There are over 60,000 motorcycles registered in our state. If every motorcycle rider in Arkansas put one of these bumper stickers on his or her car, we could have an impact on public awareness. Maybe we could save a life.

If you’d like to help, you can, and it won’t cost you a thing. Just write, call, or contact us and we’ll send you some bumper stickers free of charge. If you have a place of business and want to distribute these bumper stickers to your customers, let us know and we’ll send you a supply with a small countertop holder, and, if you wish, add a link to your business on our website, both free of cost. If you would like to see these bumper stickers in your local motorcycle shop, ask them to contact us for the same deal.

We welcome your participation in this campaign as well as your thoughts and suggestions how we might make an impact. Please let us hear from you!

For more information on motorcycle safety and enjoyment:

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