Criminal Defense

The Cearley Law Firm handles all kinds of criminal matters, state or federal, from the relatively less serious misdemeanors to the most serious of felony allegations. The attorneys at Cearley Law Firm have considerable experience defending state and federal criminal allegations, including drug offenses, property crimes, violent crimes and white-collar crimes. Both lawyers cut their teeth early in their careers as deputy prosecutors. 

A conviction for a violent or drug crime may result in years in prison, especially if a weapons violation is added to the charges. Theft convictions or any conviction involving an allegation of deceit, like fraud or embezzlement, may also result in prison time. 

Aside from the threat of incarceration, there are serious civil consequences that may result when a person is first convicted of a felony. For example, a person typically loses the right to vote, run for office, receive certain benefits, and may very well be passed over in the job market. Jobs often are the source of health care and retirement benefits, so a felony conviction could make it harder to get affordable coverage for yourself, your family, and to plan for the future. Becoming a felon is a stigma that has serious lifelong consequences that make it harder to live and to be a provider. For convicted felons, the stakes are often much higher with respect to new charges because of enhanced penalties for repeat offenders under both state and federal law. 

Many misdemeanor offenses have serious and possibly permanent consequences, too. A conviction for misdemeanor domestic battery, for example, may lead to a deprivation of firearm rights under federal law. In addition to criminal defense, we help people post-conviction in efforts to expunge or seal their criminal records where possible. We have successfully petitioned for pardons and sealing of records in Arkansas. 



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