Video: Introducing Bob Cearley

Bob Cearley is the founding lawyer of Cearley Law Firm. He was raised in Central Arkansas, went to undergrad at Hendrix, and graduated from the University of Arkansas's law school up in Fayetteville. Central Arkansas is his home, so it makes sense that he has a passion for helping this community. 

Not everyone knows this about Bob Cearley, but he and his wife love the outdoors. While his law practice keeps him very busy, he likes to take as much time as he can to travel with his family. They own mountain bikes, road bikes, and even a motorcycle. That's actually one of the reasons why helping victims of motorcycle wrecks is a passion of his. 

How has his past made him a better lawyer? 

Bob Cearley was actually a victim in a personal injury case when he was younger. He'd gotten badly hurt during a skiing accident, needing five surgeries. Throughout that process, he learned firsthand what clients expect from their personal injury attorneys. It's helped give him a unique perspective into the client-side of arguing personal injury, and it's given him a better understanding of what clients need. 

If you believe you have a personal injury case, give Cearley Law Firm a call. They'll sit down with you to discuss your situation before giving you an honest evaluation of whether you have a solid case. Let Cearley Law Firm help you get the compensation and justice that you deserve.